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Anthem for frustrated talent  - Di Wade

It’s tough at the bottom,

Scraping barrels, licking boots,

For the smallest sighting,

Of success’ shrinking shoots,

Unentitled, un-owed,

Thanks to obscurity,

But beneath the shroud,

Of MY nobody:

I am Bolt,

I am Peaty,

I am Federer,

I am Woods,

I am Ainslie,

I am Redgrave, (and his teammate great and goods):

I am J K Rowling,

I am legend—all the way!

I am the dreadful menace,

Re aught that’d bar my way:

I am angry, I am bloody-minded and unbowed past knowing,

I am one-off wonder,

And I WILL get where I’m going.

(Winner of Poetry in Traditional Form - 2017)

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