Friday 6 September 2019 at 2.00pm

Fairhaven URC (The White Church)



Hazel Nguyen (piano)


Bach           Keyboard Concerto No 5 in F min BWV1056,

  1. Allegro Moderato

  2. Largo

  3. Presto



Schubert   Fantasie in C Op 15 D 760 (Wanderer Fantasy),

  1. Allegro con Fuoco

  2. Adagio

  3. Presto

  4. Allegro

Chopin      Waltz in C# min Op 64 No 2,

                   Nocturne No 20 C# min Op post,

                   Waltz Op 34 No 2 in A min (Valse Brilliante).


Liszt          Hungarian Rhapsody No 11 in A min,

                   Grande Paganini Etude No 3 in G# min (La                                 Campanella).

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